Text-to-Speech for e-learning

There is always a burning debate on whether human voice over is better than the text to speech format for e-learning or vice-versa. While there are several professionals that have designed e-learning courses using the text to speech, there are companies that vouch for voice-over as the preferred training approach. There are clear factors that affect this choice, for instance, the learning environment. There are certain environments where audio is not a good choice and might affect the pace of learning as well. Contrary to this, there are learning environments where audio plays a great role to bring in the engagement of the audience. Also, if one is trying to explain graphics and animation on the screen in a course, using text can be highly distracting, text-to-speech will solve the purpose.

There are several reasons for an organization choosing TTS as the preferred format; we will discuss a few of them.

Reasons for using text-to-speech in e-learning

  • The companies that use TTS as the preferred approach for their company have clear reasons to do so. The format allows the individuals to take up training at their preferred pace and also they can choose when and where they like to be trained.
  • Most of the e-learning courses are used around the world and they are often designed in English. So it is a great advantage for students who do not have English as their first language. Then there are foreign students who have a better listening comprehension than reading comprehension

Text-to-speech becomes a great advantage for the individuals or the associates of the company who do not use English as a primary language.

  • Both creating and maintaining training can be difficult with the human voices since there are very people who have a consistent pace and pronunciation. On the other hand, computerized voices are found to be much more steady in pace and consistent in pronunciation that is a great advantage for the purpose of training. It also allows the people to understand the course material much easily.
  • The TTS has many advantages when compared to the other methods that provide audio with PowerPoint.
  • The TTS format is much easier to produce and can also be edited or modified easily whenever there are any changes that occur.
  • The cost of TTS format is certainly less than the human narration. While one might believe that there are ways to bring down the cost of human voice-over by using different ways, for instance, making use of in-house talent, the truth is it will take much more time and it gets complicated when it requires modification.

While there are several advantages of using TTS format as we just discussed above, there are a few factors in the favor human voice-over as well. Voice over is great format in terms of getting in maximum efficiency and output at a number of places. They are number one choice when you want to engage your audience and want to control their emotions as well.