TOP 7 useful MX Player functions for video enthusiasts using Android

MX Player is the best video player on Android-powered devices. It can work with the most popular formats of media files and it has some low system requirements while containing a huge number of different settings and functions. Interestingly, if your current smartphone is rather old, you might be interested in getting an upgrade and you are also able to browse to find out your cell phone value online.

1. HW+

MX Player supports both hardware and software decoding. At the end of 2016, the HW + decoder was introduced as well. When activated, the codecs developed by the player’s creators are used to play the video, and the decoding takes place at the expense of the video accelerator of your device, but not the processor.

Thanks to this, MX Player supports more video formats and provides a smoother video playback.

2. Background playback

By default, MX Player plays video when the application is active. However, there is an option in the settings that allows the background playback to be enabled. Thanks to this, you can play any video and minimize the player window without the video being paused.

3. Subtitles display

The support for subtitles is one of the strengths of MX Player. With its help, you can watch foreign blockbusters and serials before they are officially localized to English. However, not everyone knows that the way subtitles are displayed can be easily finely tuned: you can select the font, set its size, and specify the location of the subtitles on the screen.

4. Play it where you left off

In today’s reality, it is not always possible to watch a film from beginning to end. There is always some urgent business that you need to deal with. In order not to waste time trying to figure out where you left off, you can activate the corresponding option in the MX Player settings that will enable you to continue watching the movie right from the moment when you got interrupted.

5. Themes

Many users like to adjust the looks of their apps according to their tastes and preferences. MX Player lets you do this as well as it offers a huge number of customization settings, starting with themes to the location and the looks of the various controls.

6. Synchronization of settings

If you spent a lot of time tuning the MX Player, it would be a shame to lose it all in case something happens with the app. To prevent this from happening, you can save all the app settings using the “Export” function. You can download the resulting file to your cloud storage and use it to synchronize settings when the MX Player is installed on your new smartphone. By the way, you can visit to learn how much money you can get for used phones.

7. Parental control

If you want to entertain your child for a while, you can play some cartoons to them. In order to prevent them from studying the contents of the smartphone while watching the cartoon, you can enable the special lock function. There are several types of such a function, one of which is designed specifically for children.