Everything About Depositfix And Hubspot Payments Integration

Today, you can connect your Hubspot form with Paypal so that anyone can pay for a training event registration thanks to a new payment integration i.e. DepositFix which has been developed by Denis Lunev, a software engineer. People can pay online, nurture, and segment effortlessly through workflows their program registrants in inbound marketing design.

Reasons every Hubspot user needs DepositFix

DepositFix automatically syncs payment information into Hubspot and connects it to contacts. In effect, segmentation and post-purchase promotional campaigns are automated. For this to work, you need a Paypal or Stripe account plus a Hubspot account. It only takes a few clicks to install DepositFix and from there you can start receiving HubSpot credit card payments in matters of minutes.

Note that there is no other e-commerce alternative in Hubspot that can help businesses sell online, so DepositFix is one of a kind. The other solutions outside Hubspot are quite complicated but DepositFix is designed to work within Hubspot by showing all the transactions and running after-purchase marketing campaigns. Through its multiple payment methods i.e. dynamic amounts, subscriptions, and fixed payments, it increases paid conversions.


Financial transactions are absolutely secure since no credit card information is sent to their servers. What they actually use is Stripe tokens in order to charge credit cards. The only data that is held by DepositFix is contact information- email address, Stripe ID, and the name of the client- and transaction details- product name, the amount paid, and date of payment. This data helps clients to segment their various purchases.

Types of payment modes

There are three types of payments available at DepositFix namely:

  • Fixed payment: a predetermined amount
  • Subscription payment: a repeat amount that you pay after a certain period of time
  • Dynamic payment: this is an amount that is bound to change over time depending on what a client chooses

Most of the clients sell digital products and services. In addition, DepositFix facilitates discount codes in both subscriptions and single payments. The dynamic subscription is often used by non-profit organizations and donors whereby they specify the amount and frequency of their donation. Then they can track online donations in HubSpot, design payment forms with metadata, and send follow-up emails. DepositFix customer care team responds quickly to customers and works hard to implement requests related to features.

In future, DepositFix wants to help companies connect sales and marketing with payment management. They plan to expand subscription management and include invoicing services in HubSpot CRM. Having a payment integration in HubSpot like DepositFix presents a wealth of possibilities which never existed in inbound marketing. Take advantage of this great offer!