That Computer Forensic Accreditation is Befitting Me?

There are numerous of pc forensics certifications that you could choose in order to challenge such as the Encase Licensed Examiner (EnCE), AccessData Licensed Examiner (_ DESIGN), Licensed Computer Examiner (CCE), GIAC Licensed Forensics Analyzer (GCFA) as well as Certified Pc Forensic Examiner (CFCE) to mention a couple of.

How after that, does one pick the appropriate accreditation to go after? While all the certifications in the above list are useful, I might recommend pursuing one which includes the practical examination and something in that can be used the resources with that you simply are the majority of familiar. For example, it will probably be difficult that you should pass the actual ACE when the only forensic utility that you have used is actually EnCase Business.

If you want to obtain the certification to be able to break to the computer forensics area, I’d suggest searching the task boards with regard to computer forensics positions to determine the utilities that they’re most frequently listing because required abilities. provides a good overview of most of the computer forensics certifications so I’m not going to go into the nitty gritty of each certification. If you are interested in reviewing their coverage, go to and search for “computer forensic certifications.”

Phone me biased, but I’m personally the fan from the EnCE accreditation. EnCase is really a standard from the industry and present in most, otherwise all, pc forensics stores. So getting the EnCE certification tells employers you have mastered the various tools that they use within their forensic labs.

Additionally, passing the actual EnCE useful was a significant confidence booster personally and I’ve used most of the techniques which i learned due to the EnCE practical within my “real” evaluation.

In overview, in order to look for the proper pc forensics certification I’d consider the following:

1. Certifications that need a useful.
2. Certifications which demonstrate mastery of the industry-standard device or power.
3. Certifications that you simply see within job entries.
4. Certifications which allow or need you to use the forensics power with that you simply already possess experience.

The EnCase Licensed Examiner (EnCE) examination is really a two component examination that includes a written portion along with a practical. The actual practical is actually difficult, however it tests the fundamental computer forensic skills that the examiner should have. The Forensic Secrets and techniques eBook is really a concise manual to moving the EnCE useful. It is in no way a mind dump from the examination but instead a compilation from the techniques which are necessary in order to pass the actual practical part of the examination.