4 Ways Having Fun at Work Brings Success to the Workplace (and How to Improve)

Most people would probably agree that a happy workplace is the best kind of workplace. You’d much rather enter an environment in which people are smiling every day, ready to have fun while working hard.

If you have a dull boss who prefers the no-laughing approach to office life, though, you might be subject to blank stares, high stress levels, and negative thinking all day long.

There’s a lot of proof that a fun, happy workplace can help breed success; your boss might just need some convincing. Here are a few things you can bring to the attention of your boss and coworkers to improve the atmosphere at work:

Bye, Bye, Sickness!

According to a study from BrightHR, people who work in happy and fun environments are less likely to miss work as much as those who don’t. Call it a “sick day,” if you will, but it’s likelier that people in dull, negative daily environments just need a break sometimes.

However, there is a lot of scientific data that happiness can lead to better health, so it’s possible that a happier workplace can ward off the office germs.

Relaxed and Stress-Free

The same BrightHR study also said that a positive workplace can reduce work-related stress levels. We all know how easy it is to get stressed at work. But, how stressed can you be when you hear a funny joke from the guy in the cubicle next to you? Or your boss taking the time to thank you and your coworkers while he skates around the office on a skateboard?

There’s something to be said about a work environment that can also be conducive to a happy, positive life. You’ll likely come home feeling less stressed when you can honestly say that you had a good time at the office today.

More Creativity

A workplace that invites fun and positivity is likely to have employees who yield much better results all around. When employees have the opportunity to work how they work best – which usually includes some sort of fun that makes the day a little brighter – they are more able to unleash their creative side.

Play can have similar effects on adults as it does for children. It has the power to instantly lift moods and let people see things from new perspectives, which boosts creativity.

Better Productivity

People who are allowed to have fun at work will likely be much more willing to put their best efforts back into their company. When a company has a positive atmosphere that thrives on happiness and fun, it shows that its employees’ well-being is important to the company.

Those employees will, in return, do their jobs to the best of their ability. As a whole, a company can likely see a huge uptick in productivity from its team.


More Fun at Work:

Have Non Work-Related Gatherings

Choose a time and place and invite your coworkers to a “meeting” that really isn’t a work meeting at all. Instead, it’s a gathering of your coworkers that gives you all a chance to get to know one another better, outside of work, to form stronger relationships that can carry over into the workplace.

Try some mini golf on the weekend. Hit the local bar for Happy Hour on a Thursday night. Or, try out a local dance or fitness class.

Boost Your Fitness

Even if your office doesn’t have a gym, you can boost your fitness and get happy at the same time by doing some short workouts with your coworkers. According to Happify, working out for as little as 20 minutes can boost your happiness level for 12 hours.

Gather your coworkers for a quick walk around the office or turn on some music and have a quick office dance party. The key is to get you and your coworkers moving in a fun way to regain focus and get a little mood-boosting exercise in.

Decorate the Environment

If you’re allowed to dress up your office or cubicle, then don’t hesitate to create your own posters to decorate the environment. Bright, cheery colors and motivational phrases can instantly lift your mood and make your workplace feel more inviting. Don’t forget to add some of your favorite pictures of your family and friends.

Leave for Lunch

Invite some coworkers with the same lunch break as yours to a lunch outing. This can be a great alternative to going out after work, which can be a challenge if you have kids at home and need a babysitter.

Sometimes, you just need a break from the office to get a change of scenery, clear your head, and connect with coworkers. Use the time to form relationships with other employees and talk about ways you can boost your fun at work.

Bringing More Life to the Workplace

If your workplace isn’t quite where you want it to be in terms of fun, don’t worry. It’s possible to catch it up to speed with the help of your fellow coworkers. If you start changing the environment a little at a time using these tips, you’ll likely see the office culture switch from dull to full of life.