How Digital Signage Solutions Transformed the Marketing Industry

The current competitive marketing and advertising market have expanded into the digital signage arena. From messaging and images displayed on static billboards, innovators have moved into the next advertising frontier. This is in response to an expanding consumer demographic that is attuned to modern technological innovations.

Variety of Options

Digital signage encompasses a wide array of setups. It could include options such as massive billboard displays and manageable LED or LCD flat panel screens. These advanced setups are used to stream specific brand messaging in video and other multimedia formats. These types of displays are often used by businesses such as restaurants, commercial centers, and even professional services. Public sector agencies are also widely using this messaging solution in spreading various types of announcements to the community.

Versatility has been a major feature in some digital display solutions. Signage innovators have developed these types of messaging platforms for outdoor and indoor purposes. This enabled the display setup to perform a wide range of functions, apart from just delivering product or service advertisements. These include providing a tool for disseminating public information, campaigns, and internal corporate messaging within an office network.

Expanded Signage Capabilities.

At the core of the technology is the digital signage software. This feature basically provides all the essential capabilities of the digital signage solution. Before it became mainstream, these types of displays were cost-prohibitive for small businesses. But as the technology develops, innovators have perfected aspects of the product software and enabled it to be more accessible and affordable.

Today’s digital signage is more user-friendly and streamlined. Display setups now allow users to create and combine their own digital material. The content management system can host several videos or informational materials for different types of products and services. Also, the content can now be combined and customized on a frequent basis. With static displays, this would require a fair amount of time to do, since the material would have to be developed, approved, and then printed out. For businesses, this presents an opportunity for reducing advertising and marketing costs. It also presents an opportunity to adopt a greener display method.

Signage Industry Growth

Since the introduction of the signage technology, the industry has grown by leaps and bounds over the years. Growth projections also continue to lean toward a more positive trajectory. Signage industry data indicate a rapid demand for this hi-tech solution across different types of businesses, with growth rates expected to peak at $21.92 Billion by 2020. Several factors would contribute to the growth, including an infusion of investments and the need to reduce material wastage during the product marketing process.

With a digital signage solution, businesses can expand their reach into the more tech-savvy customer group. Since it was introduced in the marketing industry, this display solution has provided an opportunity for businesses to creatively shape their messaging. They can now choose to stream fixed or moving content when marketing their product or service to their customers. Moreover, the innovation allowed them to take more control of their brand messaging.