What are Quartz crystals used for?

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Crystal oscillator.

You’ll find crystals in any quartz clock, providing an accurate measure of time. One of the main applications of the quartz is to keep track of time, ensuring that electricity is transferred through the circuit at a precise frequency.


Quartz crystals are not only used for keeping track of the time, they can be used by the military defence industry. Euroquartz supply the quartz crystals to satisfy the strictest of demands, so whether you’re looking for 2-way radio communication or global positioning, you can count on them to provide you with exactly what you’re looking for!


You may find some of the applications of quartz to be surprising; including the use of crystals in the medical industry.

Any quartz can be designed and manufactured to your suit your exact standards. For the medical industry, instruments are made from quartz crystals. As well as this, they are used for heart pacemakers, providing stability and shock resistance.


You’ll also find the quartz for aerospace within our complete range of products. For aerospace, the quartz crystals are used for commercial aircraft and also space exploration. Any applications of quartz for the aerospace industry will allow you to prolong the lifespan of your equipment, ensuring that you receive the best value for your money.

You can bet that the quartz for aerospace provides high-accuracy, enabling effective communication.


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Whether you’re looking for satellite or wireless communications, you can bet that the quartz crystals, supplied by Euroquartz are reliable.


There are countless applications of quartz; this is because they have the ability to convert Direct Current to Alternating Current. The electronic industry uses the quartz crystals to regulate movement, providing you with an accurate timepiece.

You’ll find quartz in any security cameras, mobile phones and sensors- can you afford not to check out the range of products supplied by Euroquartz?


When it comes to quartz manufacturing, the quality is dependent on the manufacturing process. Each of the crystals are manufactured to be durable and highly resistant, offering suitability for various applications.

Quartz manufacturing is flexible; Euroquartz caters for the needs and wants of all industries, providing crystals that are custom-built.

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