Are Instant Messaging Applications Better Than SMS?

Messaging is something that most people do on their smartphones, so why settle for anything less than perfect. SMS is something that has become a rather old technology, though it might be sticking around like landlines and fax machine, there are little to no users for it.

People have learned to move on to the new technological advancements with smartphones applications, like kik online and many other instant messaging apps. However, some people still prefer text messages over instant messaging apps.

Here’s a set of reasons to choose instant messaging apps over SMS:

  1. Notification if the messages are read

Most messaging applications come with a feature that enables them to be notified when you message is read. It might seem like a small feature which might come in handy to avoid you lot of trouble, like when someone claims that they don’t read your message.

You can always go back to them and bug them when they haven’t done what they promised or supposed to do. Furthermore, you’ll be notified when the other person is typing a text before the message has reached you.

  1. Share your location

It might be easy to guide other to your location when you’re in the nearby vicinity, however, it might not be the same when you’re away from your locality. Most instant messaging apps enable you to share your location with others, you can avoid the hassle of coming up with excuses when you run late to a get together or meeting.

  1. No bounds for your happiness and conversation

You don’t have to worry about spending a lot of money when your conversations are lengthy, most people shift from SMS to avoid the huge mobile bills. A lot of messaging applications, like kik online, WhatsApp, and Messenger, are free to use apps, you don’t have to pay anything to use the service. It becomes easy to pick up your conversation from where you left with instant messaging apps.

  1. Independency

You have a greater dependency when it comes to using a SMS or calling facility in your phone, you have to depend on your cell phone’s connectivity. It might not be the case with instant messaging apps which can work just fine with Wi-Fi connection, instant message can be utilized regardless of where you’re and which cell phone connection you have. It helps you stay connected with you family and friends no matter what.

  1. Make the most of emoticons

You can give life to your texts with emoticons, which can help people to connect with others. A bunch of emoticons can uplift a boring day at your office or home. There are emoticons for just about everything from happiness to broken heart.

It might be the best deal to look for the different instant messaging applications in the market and choose the one that suits you. Instant messaging applications are a better deal than SMS, considering the number of benefits that comes with it.