Is TOGAF Certification Worth It?

Software architecture is a skill developed through formal education and practical experience in the field of an individual’s interest. Employers in the IT industry are actively looking for candidates who have successfully completed an architectural course with the capability to design a program from scratch.

While many individual vendors try to promote vendor-based architecture framework which doesn’t have any set rules or guidelines to follow, the main objective of The Open Group Architecture Framework (TOGAF) is to offer TOGAF certification Course which is vendor-neutral and can be actively used by any professional.

Throughout the years, software engineers have been using TOGAF which gained formal reputation and allows you to land a job where you apply your knowledge in real life projects to show results.

How Popular is TOGAF in the Professional Network?

The popularity of a course is measured based on the number of people using it, it’s recognition in different industries and job opportunities that could help a professional land a fruitful career when they successfully complete TOGAF training.

The architectural course is quite strong and is immensely popular in major sectors including data management, security, enterprise-level application designing and software architect. Based on the recent survey, more than 11,000 individuals have completed the foundation course and are aware of the basics. More than 25,000 professionals are at the “certified” level. The data is very impressive compared to the fact that there were only 17,000+ professionals back in 2014 and it has witnessed a significant boost in certified people.

Is TOGAF Certification Worth the Cost and Time?

The TOGAF training and certification requires you to invest a significant amount of as well as money to successfully complete it. In order to complete the examination, you should spend $320 for each exam at level 1. If you choose to attempt both level 1 and level 2, the total cost goes to $495.

Getting the necessary support from the Open Group may be an expensive affair for some, but once you have cleared the certification, you can enjoy better perks and incomes, making the commitment. You can choose to join an instructor-led program from a reputed institute as they can help you gain the knowledge required to clear the exam in one-try.

The statistics gathered and excerpts from professionals in the industry suggest TOGAF is definitely worth the investment. A software system architecture course who aspires to pursue a career and get a big boost should definitely understand the widely accepted guidelines to acquire a job in a reputed organization.

Taking the Exam

The TOGAF exam is regularly updated and the latest version is 9.1. The level 1 which is the basic exam for new entrants is a multiple-choice exam. When you successfully complete the exam, it is understood that you are well-versed with the basic concepts and principles of the open architecture framework designed by the team. The level 2 certified exam will test a candidate of their in-depth knowledge about the subject with more complex concepts. You can choose to individually take one exam at a time or sign up for level 1 & level 2 for a discounted price.

Getting the Right Job

Once you have completed the TOGAF training and successfully acquired a certification as an architect, it is easier to find a job as many major brands depend upon EA framework like TOGAF and are actively looking for talented people to join their team.  Try to look for an organization that is committed to building frameworks and your architectural skills can be put to good use in such companies.

Candidates with a TOGAF certification are actively hired by major brands like IBM, Oracle, Cisco, HP and many others.

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