Learn some other programming languages now

You’ve probably heard of Java, JavaScript, HTML and CSS quite a few times from your techy friends, or you might have used them yourself, but now you feel like going to other roads and trying them out for yourself. As the world get closer each day with the inventions of many technologies to help lives get better, the silicon valley industry is also growing with that, and you might want to be a part of that growth. In this article we shall dive into some of other programming language that was not included in our first article. This article is for those of you who wants to try and offer software development services and earn a living out of it.

Here are some programming languages that might interest you:


If Java is paired with android devices, you might also want to learn the apple coding language.  This programming language can be also utilized in making desktop applications and mobile ones. Many of the major application of the apple ecosystem is written in this language, as this was the Apple coding language until the birth of it’s successor Swift. With that, there is still a huge market for those who know Objective-C, so it might be one of the profit making tools in your programming language arsenal.


The little sister of Objective-C this is the programming language used in the current development of the Apple applications for products such as the Mac, Ipads, Iphones, Watch and TV. This and it’s older but still widely used relative Objective-C is the tool needed to enter the iOS sphere.


Another all purpose software like Java, it can be used in programming almost anything today. This is also a famous programming language that is used by most people just starting out in this field. This is due to the easy to understand coding system of the language, it is also easier for your eyes to read and follow. Learning this language is so useful that some programmers tries to master this language first and do many projects without going to try out other languages. This is also the language used in the sciences as it is very efficient in data analysis and data gathering.


This language is popular for it’s web applications such as twitter, github and treehouse. This has also become of the famous languages to learn with the success of other websites that used this language.


As there is really too many to choose from, you should not actually be intimidated. In choosing the language you are going to master, you just need a language that has a audience and you can’t lose that way. It is as important to learn the very essentials of a coding language and be strong in one than jumping around languages with no solid foundation. Just one effective and efficient programming language knowledge would be enough for you to code your own application