Everything You Need to Know About Comprehensive Security Surveillance Systems

It is not easy leaving your house without feeling a little afraid of what may go wrong with your elderly parents or young child, who will be home alone for a few hours. The growing instances of home invasion crimes have led to an increase in the number of security solutions available to us. These solutions are apt for use even for commercial properties ranging from a small office to a massive warehouse.

If you are thinking about installing any of the security surveillance systems, then here is a brief on the different security tools which are at your disposal:

  • Closed- Circuit Television cameras

Better known as CCTVs, these cameras transmit visuals of the corridors outside the house, main gate, stairwell, etc. to the main monitor which you can access. More than anything, the CCTVs act as a deterrent to any criminal elements as they know that their movements will be captured, and they will be identified. Since the CCTV footage can be reviewed at a later date even on the phone, residents can check if there were any suspicious individuals hanging around the area, as a precaution.

  • Intruder alarm system

Comprising of a variety of sensors such as heat & smoke detectors, glass break sensors, shock sensors, the intruder alarm sensor can not only detect any intruders but also detect and alert the monitoring station in case of a fire. It will also sound an alarm, alerting the neighbours and the residents to the potential emergency. The blaring alarm dissuades the intruder from doing anything harmful.

  • Video door phone

How do you ensure that the person standing at the door stating that he has a parcel for you is legitimate? A video door phone which is installed just outside the door and inside the house allows you to get a visual on who is on the outside and confirm their intentions, without opening the door. This mode of communication ensures that the visitor cannot access the inside of your house without your permission. A video door phone is not only a useful security tool but also a tool of convenience. If a resident is immobile or has difficulty in walking, they can easily communicate through the phone with the visitor such as newspaper delivery man to give them instructions without getting up to open the door.

  • Access control system

A biometric access system is a tool mainly used for commercial properties. Authorised personnel have their thumbprint enrolled in the system. When they need to enter the premises, they simply put their thumb on the biometric scanner, and once recognised, the door clicks open for them to enter. It ensures that only those authorised to be on the premises are allowed inside. It also keeps a check on the in and out timings of all employees. Some of these access control systems also have an alarm system that goes off if someone attempts to forcefully open it, or the lock detects a certain temperature (in case of fire).

Use this knowledge to get the best security tools for your home or office as well as peace of mind.