10 Things You Don’t Expect to Find in Vending Machines

Our common assumptions about the vending machines are limited to dispense coffee, soft drinks, packaged food, snacks, or a bit more varieties as an exception. But vendingworld.com has a list of vending machines which you don’t familiar of. The usage of these unique vending machines is not that large but in coming future, you’ll have these things available via vending machines.

Things You Don’t Expect to Find in Vending Machines 

  1. T-Shirts

Yes, there are vending machines those can dispense you your favorite T-shirts. This unique vending machine in Harajuku, Japan dispenses the whole line via vending machines. However, it’s no longer there, though.

  1. Noodles

Instant cup noodles are not considered as the healthiest of snacks but if you still have a hankering for ramen. This noodles vending machine in Japan dispenses a hot bowl of noodles along with meat and veggies. Yup, it’s Yummy!

  1. Bike Parts

If you are a biker, you’ll love this machine. Machine parts are available at vendingworld.com but what about the bike parts? Don’t worry; a vending machine in Brooklyn, New York can dispense bike parts to replace the ones that broke in yours. You can also get your punctured tire pumped or grab a quick snack from the machine.

  1. Burgers

This is literally the fastest way to have a burger as compare to the fast food restaurants. These burger vending machines are installed in Netherlands and Japan to provide you fast cooked burgers.

  1. Banana

I bet you can’t imagine getting a banana from a vending machine if you didn’t see this with your own eyes in Japan. When this vending machine first came out, people went bananas over them. This is the reason we put this awesome machine in vendingworld.com chart.

  1. Eggs

This eggs vending machine seen for the first time in the mountains of the Northern Hyogo, Japan. Along with other advantages, this is the perfect way to keep eggs fresh and available for the residents of locality, 24/7.

  1. DIY Toys

This machine is part of a project built by development specialists Squibbles Ink and toy store Rotofugi, this toy machine in Chicago enable you to make the e your own toy according to your desires.

  1. Fresh Lettuce

Apart from other things, this machine keeps lettuce fresh for a long period of time. Also, it encourages the people of Japan to eat green instead of processed food which can improve the overall health of human a long way.

  1. Pet Food

You read about Japan most of the times as per the vendingworld.com awesome and unique machines chart is concerned but this time it is Turkey which comes up with an amazing pet food vending machine which is installed in capital city of Istanbul.

To dispense the food for your pet, all you need is to slot in an empty plastic water bottle and it’ll dispense food at the bottom of the trays.

  1. Pies

Yes, you heard it correctly from vendingworld.com platform. Berdoll Pecan Candy & Gift Company’s machine at Cedar Creek, Texas dispenses entire honest-to-goodness Pecan pies to their customers.