5 Mistakes to Avoid while Getting Started On EBay

EBay is a great venue for buying and selling online. A lot of people have established successful businesses on this website but a large number of potential sellers have fallen as well, especially the beginners. There are a few mistakes beginners often make that leads to their failure. Although eBay is very flexible and easy to use but it takes vast knowledge and experience to successfully navigate through the website. If you want to get started on eBay as a seller, then this article highlights some mistakes that you should avoid.

Not Having a Profile

Most beginners just wants to create an account, sell things and start making profits. The world of eBay does not work this way. First, you should know that you will have to pay a reasonable amount of money as fees in order to use the eBay platform. Plus, on this website, buying comes before selling. You need to create your profile history by purchasing a few things and giving feedbacks. This way the future customers can check your authenticity before buying your products.

Setting items at Wrong Price

Pricing the items is one of the hardest task a beginner has to face on eBay. The rules and regulations for the cost of objects varies depending on the condition of the item and the time of selling. But most of all, you should price your items according to the previous listings of related items. On eBay, the price at which the same item or related items have been sold in the past determines the cost of the present items. Make sure to do a background work before you set the prices of your products if you want to increase eBay sales.

Ending the Bidding Time too Soon

As you know, potential buyers bid to purchase desirable objects on eBay. This means you need to keep the auction open for a considerable time. Many beginners make the mistake of closing the bidding time too soon or setting inappropriate hours for bidding. According to research, most people browse eBay over the weekend. The ideal time span for bidding is Thursday to Monday but you can extend it to your preferences as well. Also, you should consider international bidders while setting the bidding time on your item.

Not Paying Attention to Shipping and Delivery

The whole process of selling is not completed until the moment your product reaches the buyer and a big part of this process is delivery and shipping. Since eBay is consumer-to-consumer business, which means that you are responsible for safely delivering the product at its destination. If the item breaks or gets lost in the mail, you will have to deal with the consequences. So make sure to securely package the item before shipping it.

Lacking Customer Services

A successful business doesn’t only entails selling the products but it also includes providing good customer services. Do not forget to maintain a friendly relationship with your customers and answer all of their questions on time. You should keep them updated about the shipping and delivery of their purchased items as well.