About Westminster Tutors


At a time when tutoring institutes were not very common, came about Westminster Tutors to provide an education like no other. It was founded in 1934 by graduates who themselves wished they could have had a schooling education to land them into the biggest universities. The examinations at that time were rigorous, and continue to be so at this point in time too. The idea was to allow the children to have access to high quality academic tutors who would guide them into the right direction to allow them to grow as individuals and come to a good ranking university.

Teaching Methods


Having a philosophy and vision that focuses that on a small group one to one teaching style, Westminster Tutors continue to remain close to their origins. They evaluate each student on an individual basis, considering their previous education, current standing, and future ambitions to train them into going within the direction that they aim to. With a wide range of diversity in terms of picking subjects and syllabi, Westminster Tutors encourages students to explore and take risks in order to understand what they want.

Career Counseling


In addition to the right kind of pedagogical methods in terms of providing quality education, the institute also revolves around providing right kind of career guidance to their students. At a time where the economy is struggling and the jobs present for students can be numerous. Westminster Tutors allows their students to understand what they want to do as well as pick the right universities that they should be opting for. They help with UCAS preparation as well as entrance examinations allowing the students to draft up their applications.


At a time where education is one of the basic needs for growing up children, Westminster Tutors are able to provide an experience to students which they will not find otherwise. With ideal teaching methods and a strong career counseling group, the institute is equipped with a bunch of academic advisers and tutors to give the students an experience like no other. If you are looking for a school for your children who aspire to be the leaders of tomorrow, then Westminster Tutors is one which will not let you down. Move towards a revolution in terms of education which a focus on the students.