How Can Software Let You Know About Return On Investment For A Conference?

Measuring the success of a conference is something that many people will be unsure about. Often people talk about the positive outcomes of a conference without realising that they are not backing these claims up with hard evidence.

It used to be rather difficult to capture this kind of information, but now there is the specialist return on investment software which can track lots of different types of data. How can software let you know about return on investment for a conference?

Return On Investment Software Tracks The Number Of Comments On A Social Media Post

Conferences are a multimedia experience, and engagement with the audience occurs across a wide range of different platforms. For example, the conference attendees might read the social media content of the organisation and then “like” what has been written.

These likes will be tallied by the event marketing ROI software. The results will influence the way the conference organisers post on social media. For example, certain topics may have been ignored on social media altogether by the audience. This could influence the conference organisers to change the structure of the content that is being delivered. Social media influences the click-through rates for websites.

Return On Investment Software Tracks Open Rates For Files

The first step to having a successful event is if people are actively opening the files that have been shared. The return on investment software will be able to track the number of times that a file is opened by people who are attending the event. If people are not even opening the file, then they will not be engaging with the content which is contained in the files. Conference organisers will be able to change the way that the files are presented in order to improve the opening rate.

Return On Investment Software Tracks The Number Of Slides That Have Been Read

When a conference is being delivered, a lot of information is shared through file sharing hosts. One of the most common tools that are used for conferences is PowerPoint for delivering seminars. The audience can study these slides in greater detail.

The return on investment software will be able to track how many slides a person read in a certain folder. This can influence the conference organisers to chance the content – this will happen if readers are only getting halfway through the slides and then giving up to look at something else.

Return On Investment Software Tracks The Number Of Retweets

Twitter posts that are sent out during the conference may be retweeted thousands of times, which will get other people interested. These tweets can be carefully constructed to get as much exposure as possible. The return on investment software will be able to display the number of retweets that occurred and for which types of content.

Using return on investment software allows conference organisers to streamline the experience that they are offering.