How To Zip Files Apple MAC

So today I will discuss about one of the most common topic that is to Zip files in Apple Mac. It might be easy for most of the people but this article is for those people who get troubled while using MAC. Zip files help us to compress files and put them together so that one can send them easily via email or any other way. It help you to store any file and folder by compressing its size so that you can save memory in your device for rest of your work. So below you will know how to zip a file in Mac OS X which is the latest OS available for apple.

How To Make A Zip Archive In Mac OS X:

 I give you some steps then you can create zip files in Mac OS X, so below are the steps,

  1. Now, 1st you can locate the items in the zip files in the Mac finder file system.
  2. Then now you just tab right click on a folder, file or that file you want to the zip.
  3. And then you just select the “Compress Items”.
  4. Last you just find the recently created zip in the equivalent directory.

When you want to zip one single file then the zip archive will preserve a standard folder name but affix the extension for the zip.

And when you want to zip more than one folder then the zip archive will be named the “Archive Zip”.

Extracting Zip Archives:

Zip file opening is too much simple. You can just tap the double click on the archive and it will be bolstering regularly with the Archive Utility in alike the file archive in the store in.

Create A Zip From The Command Line:

I think you are not concerned about utilizing the folder system access and the common Finder? Zip Archives can be generated from a command line by the using command terminal “zip” with coming after the syntax.

Zip Archive. Zip File. Txt

And one more thing it is one of the simple ways to make the archive from a command line is through use Terminal’s drop and drag support, and type out the ‘zip’ as common but then you can drop in the folders to squeeze into a window from the terminal.  And one thing you can just mind it that unzipping from a command line is too easy or simple, below is the unzip command.

Unzip Archive. Zip


As you have learned how to  zip a file in MAC OS from the above written post. Now you can zip any file from our computer and the store or sent it to anyone via email around  the globe. So use this  zipping  technology  and have a fun.