Nearshore Providers – Maximizing Sales Potential

Nearshore outsourcing for software development and IT services has been gaining steam in the U.S. for several years now. As companies in need of outsourced services learn more about the benefits of nearshore options, they are electing to go nearshore more often than ever before. This is good for nearshore providers in that business is improving. However, it could be better for some if they knew how to maximize the sales potential of their services.

Nearshore Americas published a great article in late July explaining some of the most common mistakes made by smaller companies just getting into nearshoring. The points they highlighted are the basis for the rest of this post. If you are new to nearshore outsourcing, pay attention to the following tips for maximizing sales potential.

Know Your Target Audience

It is important for every business to know and understand its target audience regardless of business sector. That’s just common sense. For nearshore providers though, knowing the target audience is the most critical element of success. Why? Because nearshore software development and IT services are both niche areas that do not have a wide audience to begin with. If a nearshore provider cannot zero in on the limited audience available, opportunities for sales could be fleeting.

The ideal nearshore client is one looking for a long-term relationship that will involve multiple projects over many years. It is a client that knows exactly what is needed, whether they are looking to outsource software development, IT services, business processes, etc.

Maintain a U.S. Presence

One of the benefits of nearshore outsourcing is the shorter distance between nearshore provider and client. Having said that, nearshore outfits located south of the border need to maintain a U.S. presence in order to win and keep the confidence of American clients.

iTexico, a nearshore provider based in Texas, maintains their headquarters in Austin. They are a great example of this principle in action. However, they started as an American company that expanded south of the border to begin offering nearshore services out of Mexico. A nearshore provider already established in Mexico or South America should be moving toward establishing an American presence.

Get to Know Local Ecosystems

Nearshore Americas brought up something you don’t hear very often in IT and software development outsourcing: the need for outsourcing partners to get to know local ecosystems. The IT ecosystem local to the customer is the ecosystem that customer will ultimately be most familiar with. It is the responsibility of the outsourcing partner to adapt to that ecosystem, not the other way around.

Get the Entire Team Involved

A lot of companies, nearshore providers and otherwise, make the mistake of excluding everyone but the sales team from interacting with prospective clients. The result is usually one of sales representatives misrepresenting what the actual service providers are capable of. They tend to promise things they should not promise and overlook things that they have very little knowledge of.

This is a critical mistake in the arena of IT and software development nearshoring for the simple fact that the services being offered are highly technical. Rather than excluding all but the sales team, a better strategy is to include the entire team that will eventually be involved in serving a given client. Involving the entire team means the client will get the right information and be better able to form reasonable expectations.

As nearshore outsourcing continues to grow in popularity, more providers are going to pop up. Those that know how to maximize sales and combine it with productivity and quality are the same ones that will succeed.