Essential materials for all construction work, ladders come in different forms. Aspects and characters allowing them to be both practical and adapted to all situations. Like the scaffolding, the lifting plate, the stepladder or the material mounts; the ladder at my deal makes it possible to work in height and to realize works going to more than 15 meters.

The different types of scale all have the same basic structure; however, they are distinguished by their characteristics. Among the existing models, the sliding rope ladder is widely used for its functional and fixed side. To help you choose your sliding rope ladder, here are the criteria to take into account.

Working with a rope ladder

As its name indicates, the sliding rope ladder is different from the other declensions put on sale on the market. Although it is made up of the main components of a scale, it contains other elements making it better adapted to large works

The characteristics of a sliding rope ladder

Always consisting of two uprights, anti-slip legs and cross bars, the rope ladder has several planes and front wheels. These allow him to slide from one plane to another while giving the opportunity to the manufacturer to safely reach a higher height. This ladder model can be formed from two to three planes and thus go up to 16 meters high. The amounts arranged under its cross bars stabilizes it so that the worker can descend to the ground or to another floor safely. In addition, the ladder is equipped with two ropes on each side to anchor it so that it is fixed and immobile.

Prefer the rope ladder for overhead structures

The major advantage of the sliding rope ladder is that thanks to the plans that compose it, its height reaches between 12 to 16 meters. On the other hand, if these plans are not deployed, its height is 4 meters on average. Taking advantage of this height, a builder can take in hand all the work on the floor.

The rope ladder can also support more than 150 kg and can be used as rescue equipment in case of emergency. Indeed, this prototype can support 3 people and is easily transported.

The rope ladder of Tubesca Comabi

Tubesca Comabi , renowned brand in the world of construction, offers various references in the field of construction equipment including the sliding rope ladder. The brand is also on two flagship models from this type of scale to benefit its targets, both robustness and durability.

The ladder slides rope 2 shots

Designed in aluminum and containing only two planes, the 2 – plane rope ladder of Tubesca Comabi is fully adapted to rescue situations as well as construction works of 9.5 meters high. Its maximum load is 200 kg, which allows it to support 3 people. At the same time, it is equipped with a safety lock allowing it to pass from one plane to another without difficulty as well as a locking hook maintaining its level of security.

The ladder slides rope 3 shots

Unlike the previous model, the 3 – plane rope ladder from Tubesca Comabi extends up to 15.92 meters. It can carry 3 people for a maximum load of 200 kg. Their wrapped clog ensures balance and safety and provides a perfect position.

Buy a sliding ladder at France Scaffolding

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