What to look for when buying a used cell phone

With the current prices of mobile phones, there are many people who lean towards used equipment. In that operation there are several associated risks, an infinity of fact, but here we will give you some basic tips to follow as long as you acquire a Refurbished iPhone.

Take your SIM card

It is very important to check that you receive a signal. That you are able to connect to the mobile internet. If it is 4G, let it be in a place where you can verify that this signal is available. Many teams that come from the Middle East work only with 3G in our region. It is extremely important that you manage to connect a call. Dial the number of an acquaintance and see that it is heard well, that the headset has the correct volume and if they hear you clearly. If he does not let you call at the entrance, something is wrong. If possible, try to get someone to call you and be able to answer without problems. In passing there you test the vibration of the equipment.

General check

Take your trusted headphones and connect them to your cell phone to buy. Hurry is not friends with good business, nor places where you do not feel comfortable. See that everything is in order with the volume of the phone’s speakers as well as the power it gives to the headphones.

It is also important that you prove that the camera is not damaged or stained on the inside. Open the camera application and calmly see that everything is fine. Obviously do the same with the rest of the team’s body. Do not let yourself be pressured or rushed. Someone with a rushed attitude just because you want to try something you’re going to buy well probably hides something.

About IMEI and locks

Before joining you to finalize the deal, ask for the phone IMEI. This personal identification of each terminal helps you to check if it is blocked for any reason, be it theft, loss or debt with the company.

There is something that needs to be clarified from now on with the issue of blockades and that probably leads to an independent issue, but the current law does not allow telecommunications companies to stain the background of any defaulter beyond their internal systems, given that Someone can take out a new equipment with a plan and stop paying, leaving the equipment blocked for default even months after the sale. The scammer would be banned from the company where he stopped paying, but not in others. If the team is associated with a plan, you only have to trust that you will continue to pay the team’s fees. If this is prepaid, ask to show you some sample of the provenance, preferably the ballot.

At the end of the day the most important advice is always to see if the person with whom you are going to make the deal has any reputation in this regard. Google and Facebook are your friends in this case, as well as, obviously, your criteria. Nobody wants to pay hundreds of dollars for a nice door stop. If you have something to contribute to this list, do not hesitate to leave it in the comments.