When will I need a mining consultancy service?

South Africa’s mining industry has been booming since both the discovery of diamonds in Orange River in 1867 and the Witwatersr and Gold Rush in 1886. Africa is awash with natural resources – many of which require mining to retrieve.

Mining consultants in Africa are responsible for ensuring that vast mining areas are running safely and successfully. Perhaps you have an end in mind when it comes to your mining project but you don’t know how to achieve it; you need a mining solution provider to help you achieve your goal. By working closely with a mining consultant you can maintain successful mining operations within the confines of the various laws and regulations.

You’ll know when you need a mining consultancy service but it might be too late

Mining consultants are there to be consulted about mining projects. If you started your project without the help of a mining consultant, you might be presented with situations where you are forced to get professional assistance. Ensure the success and safety of the mining project by employing a consultancy from the start.

If you don’t have enough man power to complete the project on time or in budget

A mining consultant will devise a plan and a revised budget so that you can complete the project. The mine may still exceed the budget and prolong the timeline but only fractionally had it not been for the intervention of a consultant.

When you are not completing compliance reporting

In South Africa you have to comply with the Mining Charter. This covers:

Human resource development

  • Employment equity
  • Migrant labour
  • Mine community and rural development
  • Housing and living conditions
  • Procurement
    Ownership and joint ventures
  • Beneficiation
  • ReportingCompliance reports are also handled by the mining consultant. When you submit your reports, the consultant proves that you are ad hering to the regulations of the Mining Charter.

Mining consultants should have both technical and production experience to be able to determine where a problem lies. The meticulous attention paid tomining activities means you as the client are reassured that any problems will be identified quickly and handled professionally. For quality mining consultancy choose only the best to keep your project on the track to success.