3 Quick Ways to improve your iPhone 8

That iPhone 8 in your hands is nothing short of a phoenix rising from the flames. It survived a smear campaign aimed at discrediting its launch alongside the iPhone X when trusted journalists and tech reviewers labelled the 8 as the most boring iPhone on the market. By the end of 2017, it looked like the 8 would forever be in the X’s shadow, destined to underperform next to its bigger and better sibling. Now, data reveals the 8 actually sold better than X last year. And though the 8 doesn’t have the X’s visionary Face ID or TrueDepth Camera, this boring little handset turned out to be a pretty good, reliable phone.

Now that your choice of handset is a sure-bet, it’s time to show off your iPhone 8 with pride. Use this list as inspiration for the latest accessories guaranteed to flaunt your 8 like the amazing gadget it is.

  1. A unique iPhone skin

Though it wasn’t a media darling upon its release, it doesn’t mean the iPhone 8 isn’t popular. Data collected by the CIRP (Consumer Intelligence Research Partners) show the 8 sold better than the X in 2017, making up 23 percent of all iPhone sales compared to the X’s scant 20 percent. That means your 8 is just another black rectangle in a sea of black rectangles.

If you want to brag about your handset’s style, make sure it looks the part. A company like dbrand can help you customize your iPhone 8 with a set of premium iPhone 8 skins. Also known as decals, these skins fit around your 8, covering everything but its haptic touchscreen. While every iPhone decal comes with the company’s scratch-free and grime resistant guarantee, you get to choose the look of your skin by handpicking from exclusive textures like black camo, dragon skin, and marble. Go for something unique and stand out.

  1. A screen protector

When you shop from the best skins iPhones are protected against sharp objects intent on doing harm to its backing and bezels.It prevents keys and rough handling from leaving their mark on your 8, and it even improves your grip to reduce the chances of dropping your 8 on the ground. However, in the case of a bad fumble, you’ll want the Anker Karapax screen protector to round out your protection. Its dual-layered tempered glass shields your screen from sharp objects. More importantly, it can absorb the shock of a drop, improving the 8’s survival rate considerably.

  1. A stylish set of earphones

Why go to all that trouble personalizing your iPhone, only to turn around to use run-of-the-mill AirPods? When compared to other wireless earphones, they don’t deliver the best quality, and they definitely don’t look the best. You can find a set of earphones that can go from boosting the bass every time your replay Invasion of Privacy to cutting out distortion when you settle in for another episode of This is America, all while looking like a stylish fashion statement. You can trust i.am+, the wireless earphone company from Will.i.amof the Black Eyed Peas, to deliver on sound and style. With a shape reminiscent of vinyl records, i.am+ BUTTONS are a beautiful and durable earphone that has up to six hours of battery life to follow you throughout your day’s phone calls and playlists.

The 8, finally vindicated after so many months of slander, doesn’t need much to prove its worth. Just a few basic accessories will do the trick. A personalized skin, a screen protector, and set of stylish earphones can help you brag about your supposedly “boring” phone.