7 greatest logos of 2017 by Saad Raja

The world of design has experienced some remarkably fine logo creations in this year. According to Saad Raja following are the top seven greatest logos that seemed to attract maximum attentiondue toparticular reasons from the audiences.

1) Tinder

DesignStudio collaborated with the internal design team of Tinder to give this famous dating application a new visual identity in August 2017. The new logo remains a simple icon that looks like a round flame and is comprised of colors that add warmth to it.

2) Juventus

This sports team abstracted its logo into a basic symbol taking the entire design industry by surprise. The company abandoned the shield entirely but managed to keep its black and white stripes in its new logo as well marking its continuity.

3) Dropbox

Dropbox introduced its new logo this October which marked the greatest change in its look in its history of the last decade. The new visual comprising of clashing colors was created by the Dropbox’s internal department in association with Instrument, Animade, XXIX, &Sharp Type.

4) YouTube

After 2005, YouTube changed its logo in August 2017. The new logo had brighter and vivid colors, with a play button in it that directly coordinates with the CTA of the app. The team also used their creative fonts in this new logo which are inspired byvintage TV and VHS era.

5) HuffPost

The new logo for HuffPost was designed in April 2017 by an agency in New York which is named as Work-Order. The logo has the Klim Foundry font National and is set out in bold and italics.

6) Pinterest

Pinterest replaced its old script lettered design with their new formal wordmark which uses Neue Haas Grotesk typeface. It was suggested that the company tried to attract broader audiences with the use of its new logo.

7) Mozilla

The new logo of theorganization that remains behind the Firefox browser includes a colon and URL slashes to reinforce its identity. For this new logo, the company made collaboration with Typotheque to create a new customized serif font ‘Zilla’ which is also open and free for designer use now.