Gtech Voucher Codes – How You Use Coupons in Digital Marketing

Gtech is a British company that markets high technology home products in a very competitive industry. To gain an edge over its competitors, Gtech leverages on coupon codes. This marketing strategy has enabled the company to increase profits and expand their market share.

However, there is more to coupon marketing than just increased sales. Today, savvy digital marketing agencies are looking for new ways to use voucher codes in order to monitor customer behaviour, track affiliates and manage marketing channels.

Although coupon marketing as a term was coined in 1980, promotional vouchers have been in existence for longer than that. C.W. Post, a cereal manufacturer, issued in the first money-off paper coupons back in 1895 in the US.

Today, digital coupons are used widely by ecommerce sites especially via social media. A good example is Gtech coupon codes. They are particularly popular by customers who buy online because all they need to do is copy and paste the codes at check out.

So how can you use coupons as part of your online marketing strategy?

  1. Newsletters

Any company that has a big list of customer emails can create blips in traffic by sending out short term deals, i.e. use it or lose it coupons. However, coupons work better when you use them to create long term relationships with customers. This is because the lifetime value of a loyal customer is worth the cost of a couple of coupons, especially if the said customer returns to the same website for more products.

  1. Increasing number of subscribers

An email list is an asset to any company. Increasing the list of subscribers requires a lot of careful planning. Coupons can be uses as a bait to increase your subscriber list. For example, at Gtech’s site, the best conversion rates to call of appear to be coming from a page that displays a “Get Discount Coupon” tab. When a customer clicks on this tab, the email opt-in pops up, allowing the client to submit their information. After that, Gtech sends the coupon code to the client’s email address.

  1. Measuring Marketing Performance

Another advantage of coupons is that they can be used to monitor the performance of various marketing channels.

This is because a company’s marketing team can see clients who redeemed the discount codes and how they found these coupons. They can also track the codes to pinpoint the communication tools, marketing vehicles, and ads that generate the best traffic (radio, YouTube, Facebook, newsletter, etc.) All Gtech has to do is place different promotional codes in different marketing channels.

Gtech promo codes

Digital discount codes are popular in the grocery industry in the UK. For example, Tesco customers regularly use them at to pay a week’s groceries. However, this model also works well in high tech industries too. Gtech, for instance, sells high tech gadgets and products for homes and gardens. This month they have released special Gtech code “CLM299D” which if applied at checkout it takes £100 off Gtech’s Cordless lawnmower!