Work without paper intelligently and efficiently

Follow these tips to reduce the amount of paper in your office and save the most time and energy.

A paperless office in 8 steps

Laptops, smartphones, tablets, etc. We have everything we need to work without paper and we easy available softwares  which can manage the documents like Document Control Qatar. And yet, this is not always the case, while working without paper is greener, faster and more efficient. What’s more, it saves considerable money on office expenses: a study shows that an office worker prints an average of 34 sheets per day. A paperless work environment is, however, within everyone’s reach. Just follow the tips below.

Work without paper

  • Sensitize people. Monitor paper consumption per person: check who prints what and send a monthly report to all employees asking them to pay attention.
  • Reduce the number of printers.
  • Ask your bank and your suppliers to send you invoice, extracts and communications by e-mail.
  • Opt for the digital الوثائق مراقبة . Agree with your manager to create, store and send all new documents – including official documents and invoices – digitally. By digitizing everything, you will also create more automation and find and share your documents more easily.
  • Ban the signatures. Make sure no more physical signatures are needed internally. And consider working with a digital signature platform for external identity validation. This type of system converts PDF documents ready to be signed using your electronic identity card (eID) and PIN.

Get together without paper

Writing minutes in a digital way saves a lot of time. You can also share them easily via SharePoint. And yet, laptops and tablets are not always legion in the meeting rooms. Listening, talking and typing at the same time is more difficult than taking notes at the same time. Here are some tips to get there:

  • Write on your iPad. With the Jot Script Evernote Edition for iOS stylus, it’s like writing on paper. The difference is that your report is saved directly to your third generation iPad, iPad Mini or iPhone 4S. You only need an application such as GoodNotes 4 , Noteshelf or Penultimate to display your handwritten notes or sketches on your screen and save them.
  • Share documents during the meeting. Instead of printing them, you can share the minutes of the previous meeting or presentations virtually – before, after or even during the meeting. Just ask participants to view the documents on their tablet or smartphone. Reproduce your internal documents on Google Docsor Evernote style online notebooks.
  • Write digital minutes faster. Create a Word document before the meeting and complete all the elements you already know (people present, agenda items …). Also prepare pages with tables for action points, decisions, etc. All you have to do is move from one document to another to put everything in the right place.