7 Top Most Benefits of Cloud Hosting To Businesses

Accelerate Your Business to Next Level with Cloud Computing Technology

What Is Cloud Computing

Deliverance of computing resources  (Hardware & Software) over the internet as a service for computing tasks is  called as cloud computing. The Company’s offering computing solutions such as (Iaas) ,(SaaS) ,(PaaS ) are termed as  cloud server providers

Importance Of Cloud Computing Technology To Businesses

As the Business starts developing they go through crucial technical difficulties and up gradation and maintenance of hardware and software facilities further  adds up to their cost and can be painful for business owners as it adds up to their investment costs  frequently ,The Businesses  have to  face a lot of challenges to beat this competitive  environment  there can be nothing  more efficient  than cloud computing for businesses to achieve their business goal more productively ,conveniently and quickly as well  as reach and capture their potential  market for their products and services thus cloud computing is a better way to run your business,

Benefits Of Hosting On Cloud Server

  1. Reduced Cost – Moving to cloud environment cuts down business operating costs to great level and that too in long run for technical upgrades, and in turn reduces hardware cost Cloud hosting reduces your on premises & infrastructure cost thus enhancing business savings making it more cheaper. The money saved can be utilized for future business expansion
  2. Convenient To Manage – Emerging or Existing Businesses demanding expansion or shifting of technical processes can immediately scale up or reduce  their cloud capacity on remote Cloud servers as per their demand which gives them flexibility and ease of control over  other Business competitors ,which in turn adds to their Strategic edge over competitors ,Company can easily have access to apps and content anytime and anywhere
  3. Cuts Down Time– With the competent Cloud Hosting technology your company can invest time in business crucial tasks and save time on technological provisioning issues and focus more on company ‘s specific goals and mission , cloud computing uses server and virtualization of storage greatly to designate/re- designate resources faster  thus implementing process speedily  saving time and adding value to business processes productively
  4. Enhanced security Features –In Case of Occurrence of any threats and  vulnerabilities it protects your business from network related attacks, you don’t have to carry out all responsibility of managing  risk of loss of Company’s Crucial  & sensitive data on your own ,it gives you greater and enhanced security of great level which you can rely on
  5. Automated Instant Upgrades – You Don’t Have to frequently worry about updating the software from resources as assigned technical team takes care of your software up gradation needs as  your servers are not located in your premises
  6. Eco Friendly – The sharing of sever space between number of businesses saves utilization of entire capacity of your server, the space is evenly distributed over machines so that no resources are wasted which saves energy which is required to operate systems and thus adds to environment being eco friendly
  7. Organizational Benefits – Enterprises can easily keep and save databases on cloud for authorizing and processing information in different departments allowing company-wide association

  Have you not stepped towards Cloud Hosting Yet, look at this forecast report published by Forbes

  • 85% of Businesses have opted to shift to a multi-cloud strategy in 2017.
  • There would be estimated increase in cloud computing in global markets from 67 Billion Dollars in 2015 to 162 Billion Dollars in 2020 achieving a yearly growth rate of around 19%.
  • There would be 18 % of significant growth in cloud service industry in 2017 as compared to 2016 (209.2 Billion to 246.8 Billion) Such increase in cloud hosting solutions will give rise to cloud adoption by many of businesses as predicted by Gartner
  • 74% of Tech Chief Financial Officers  (CFOs) of leading enterprises say  that Cloud Computing will have most significant impact on their business in 2017
  • Considering the Benefits of Cloud computing in world economy ,58% of enterprises have forecasted increase in their revenue growth
  • 67% of Enterprises into Marketing, purchasing, and supply chain have mostly chosen cloud based solutions

You Can have a look at all findings over here – https://tinyurl.com/yarfuhr9

Conclusion :

Businesses would definitely make progress & benefit from cloud features and would back cloud technology over other technologies as there are diverse range of features which cloud offers more productively ,Businesses would  definitely benefit from the cloud services as it has got more capacity to leverage businesses to achieve their purpose, A Quarter of all products & applications globally would be available on cloud in near future which will bring boost to cloud technology and their share in their market worldwide .With  The number of Enterprises shifting to cloud there will be constant innovation to cloud and its products which the businesses will benefit from whether small or large scale enterprises so are you not making mind to shift to cloud today itself.

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