Comparing GoDaddy and HostGator: Who Has The Best Shared Hosting?

Your website needs to be fast and reliable. That’s why it’s so important to choose a good web host. A high-quality hosting provider will ensure that your website is up when it needs to be. But who should you choose? How do GoDaddy and HostGator stack up against each other? If you have a GoDaddy Coupon or a HostGator discount code, is that enough to tip the scales? Let’s examine the differences between these two popular hosting providers.

GoDaddy Hosting Features

When you purchase hosting from GoDaddy, you’ll get a 99.9% uptime guarantee and reliable 24/7 customer support. These are by far the most important features you can find in any web hosting plan.

You also get lots of other amenities, including 1-click install of many applications (like WordPress and Drupal) and an intuitive control panel to access your site’s features. Most plans come with unlimited websites, unlimited disk space, and unlimited monthly bandwidth.

HostGator Hosting Features

HostGator’s plans offer a similar list of features. You get a nearly identical 99.9% uptime guarantee and equally impressive 24/7 customer support. Again, these two items are the first things you should look for in any web hosting provider.

But what about unmetered bandwidth, easy cPanel access, and 1-click app installs? It turns out that HostGator offers these things too. In fact, their plans have very similar prices to GoDaddy’s plans. This means that your experience won’t differ very much should you choose to host your site with GoDaddy instead of HostGator or vice versa.

How Does Unmetered Bandwidth Work?

You might be familiar with seeing the term “unlimited” before the word “bandwidth” when looking at web hosts. Companies have begun to phase that out — and rightfully so, since it was misleading and very unhelpful. “Unlimited” bandwidth usually meant “you can use all the bandwidth you want, but you’re still limited by our servers and we’ll charge you for every GB past the first ten.”

“Unmetered” bandwidth is different. Under a plan with “unmetered” bandwidth, you’ll never be charged for using bandwidth. Instead, you’re simply limited by how much traffic you get and what the server can handle. Since both GoDaddy and HostGator offer plans with unmetered bandwidth, your small site won’t incur additional bandwidth fees if you suddenly go viral.

Is Unlimited Storage Really Unlimited?

Technically, the “unlimited” e-mail addresses, storage, and other features offered by both of these hosting companies have limits as well. You can’t take a GoDaddy coupon, make a basic site, and then create more e-mail addresses than there are atoms in the universe. You’re still limited by physical constraints and the rules that govern what makes a valid e-mail address.

What “unlimited” does mean is that as a small website owner, you’ll never run into these limitations during normal use. You can easily create three or four hundred (or thousand) e-mail addresses on a basic GoDaddy or HostGator plan with no problems at all.

Save With GoDaddy Coupons and HostGator Discount Codes

GoDaddy and HostGator offer a pretty similar set of features. When choosing between these two hosting providers, you should probably look for the biggest coupon you can.

If your GoDaddy discount code gets you 60% off of the plan you want, you’ll be able to save a bit of money by choosing GoDaddy. Similarly, if you can find a killer HostGator coupon, HostGator will prove to be the better choice.